How to Make Sexual Act Last Longer in Bed?

It is known that around one out of every three men experience premature ejaculation, or finish earlier than their and their partners’ expectations. This can be the result of erectile dysfunction in most of the cases, but also leads to embarrassment and guilt feeling among the partners. Many things can be done both before and during the sexual act to avoid premature ejaculation and getting excited way too early.

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Ways to Last Longer in Bed

  • By exercising your pubococcygeus muscles: Try to find your pubococcygeus muscle located between your urinary sphincter and anus. When you stop urine flow in between while peeing, it’s that muscle you have to work on. Try to tighten that muscle with around 15 contractions during the day. This will help in making itstronger, and giving you more confidence whenever you want to slow down while having sex.
  • Take a break from having sex for some time: Sometimes when the problem is due to performance anxiety, taking a break might prove helpful. During the break, you should not lose intimacy with your partner, but involve yourself in sexual play to create pleasure among both of you.
  • Changing Positions: Sometimes you get into a habit of having sex with your partner in the same position, which can make you conclude quicker. Try to change positions during the sexual act, whenever you feel like finishing.
  • By Going Slower: Make you sexual act last longer by slowing down your in and out strokes at the beginning. Increase slowly over the next few minutes. Whenever you feel like you are finishing, just hold yourself for some time by focussing on some other activities and then slowly start again.
  • Be Confident about your ability: Feeling anxious about your ability to perform will increase chances of finishing even sooner than expected. Whenever you feel anxious, just stop and think about enjoying sex with your partner, rather than worrying about your performance. You can also consider 100% natural male enhancer product to increase your confidence.
  • Consult a Therapist: You can consider visiting a therapist to help you overcome performance anxiety issues. A therapist can prove extremely helpful to reduce your stress while having sex. You may also visit the counsellor with your partner to solve the issues, and take 100% natural male enhancer products, depending on the type of problems you are facing.

Always feel positive and energetic before starting the sexual act and enjoy every moment with your partner. To know more about 100% natural male enhancer products, read Erectzan reviews to learn about the side-effects, results and ingredients.